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some close up and macro shots

Framed DSC_8757
Framed DSC_8802
framed DSC_8150
framed DSC_8437
Final DSC_9578
xFrame 8723
Final DSC_9572
framed DSC_8901
Framed DSC_8769
framed DSC_8913
framed DSC_8418
xFrame 8722
Framed DSC_8786
framed DSC_8846
xFrame 8721
framed DSC_8919
Framed DSC_8760
xFrame 9591
framed DSC_8440
framed DSC_8444
framed DSC_8895
xFrame 9595
Framed DSC_8763
xFrame 9594
xFrame 9593
xFrame 8720

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